Technology Scouting

GC Innovation America actively searches for new technology for PTT Global Chemical Public Company (GC) in North America based on GC’s business objectives and prioritization. We identify potential collaboration and partnerships with technology startups, universities, and open innovation consortia. Our goal is to leverage the resources and expertise within the GC Group to foster the innovation breakthrough with our partners.

Corporate Venture Capital

We also actively identify investment opportunities for GC. We seek investments, directly or through venture funds, in emerging technologies that strategically fit with GC to create new business opportunities for the GC Group. Whether you are a technology startup or a VC fund seeking investors, we welcome any discussion with you to see how we can assist you in growing your business and commercializing the technologies you are developing.

Our Areas of Interest

We are especially interested in the areas of advanced materials, digital platform, biotech and life science, and clean and green technology. This is a broad spectrum, and we believe as a member of the GC Group, we offer a wide span of opportunities for collaboration across our product and business platforms.

Advanced Materials

Digital Platforms

Biotech & Life Science

Clean & Green Technology