Performance Biochemicals and Succinic Acid Derivatives

For years GC Innovation America has developed many performance chemicals from bio-succinic acid. This versatile 4-carbon dicarboxylic acid has many uses – from pigments and plastics to pharmaceuticals and metal plating. Our bio-succinic derivative products reduce environmental footprint with no performance penalty.

3D Printing Materials, Bioplastics, Other Materials Solution

We have developed bioplastics and other materials for various applications including 3D printing, food packaging, and agricultural packaging. As part of the PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) family, we have access to a variety of commodity and specialty chemicals, both petro-based and bio-based, allowing us to work on a broad range of product applications to develop solutions for our customers, both in the USA and in other parts of the world. Some of the projects we are working on include biodegradable solutions for flower pots, sterilizable food packaging and 3D printing filaments.

Our Product Portfolio

We have developed a wide range of applications data for all of our products. The below table showcases the performance attributes that meet a variety of our customers’ needs. We have an extensive knowledge of the performance of our products and welcome the challenge to solve your specific applications challenges.

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Myrifilm® coalescing

Zero VOC, zero odor, high efficiency, renewable broad spectrum coalescing solvent for water-based coatings and adhesives systems.
High performance renewable polyols for urethane systems. CASE, TPU and PUD systems produced from Myrinol™ polyols show superior mechanical and adhesive properties compared to traditional polyester polyols.

Myribond™ oligomers

High performance renewable adhesion promoting oligomers for coating and adhesives. Heat and UV curable coating and composite matrices produced from Myribond™ oligomers reveal enhanced adhesion and mechanical properties versus those produced with existing technologies.
UV cure oligomers
Aliphatic UV curable oligomers exhibiting increased strength, adhesion and abrasion resistance.
PBS copolymers
Copolymers of PBS and other bio-monomers yield improved mechanical properties including tear strength.
PLA copolymers
Copolymers of PLA and other bio-monomers yield improved elongation and degradation properties.
High melt strength PBS
High melt strength PBS allows thinner films and lower denier fibers.
Thermoplastic urethanes
High performance renewable TPUs show outstanding mechanical performance.
Polyurethane dispersions
High performance renewable PUDs show outstanding adhesion and mechanical performance.
PBS composites
Composites of PBS and natural fibers show outstanding structural and biodegradable properties.
PBS emulsion
PBS emulsions are designed to replace laminated films in high performance paper applications

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