What we do

GC Innovation America actively searches for new technology for PTT Global Chemical Public Company (GC) in North America based on GC’s business objectives and prioritization. We identify potential collaboration and partnerships with technology startups, universities, and open innovation consortia. Our goal is to leverage the resources and expertise within the GC Group to foster the innovation breakthrough with our partners.

Our R&D Portfolio

GC Innovation America’s world-class R&D team has developed proprietary platforms for the production of several bio-based chemicals from various types of feedstocks, including sucrose and glucose based sugars.

Our proprietary technologies include bio-succinic acid, D-lactic acid, L-lactic acid, bio-muconic acid, bio-acrylic acid and others.

We are ready to collaborate with partners for continued development and commercialization of existing platforms, as well as engage to engage in new collaborative research. We are ready to discuss licensing opportunities with interested parties.

Demonstration Plant in Lake Providence, LA

GC Innovation America has successfully demonstrated our proprietary technology to produce succinic acid at our Myriant Lake Providence Inc. facility at Lake Providence, Louisiana. Our development and scale-up capability is applicable across various bio feedstock platforms.

Originally built as a bio-succinic acid production facility, our Lake Providence plant is capable of producing many anaerobic and microaerophilic fermentation products with little or no modifications. These include organic acids, amino acids, oligosaccharides and nutraceuticals. Modifications may also be made to the fermenters and feed systems to allow for different types of feedstocks and processes such as enzymatic or mild chemical processes including hydrolysis and acid pretreatments.

Our Lake Providence plant is conveniently located near the Port of Lake Providence, with onsite administrative building and analytical lab, nearby barge and future rail access, and onsite waste water treatment facility. We welcome investors and partners seeking to scale-up and demonstrate their technologies at this site.