GC Innovation America is a subsidiary of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, the leading Thai chemicals company with global sales of more than US$ 15 billion. We are headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts. Our mandate is to find and develop a wide range of new technology and materials, including biomaterials and biotechnology for global commercialization, either through own development, partnership collaboration or investment

Previously incorporated in 2009 as BioEnergy International LLC and subsequently renamed Myriant Corporation in 2011, we have developed organic acids that are used as chemical building blocks. We have successfully developed and demonstrated succinic acid production technology, with a demonstration plant located in Lake Providence, Louisiana. We also successfully developed several succinic acid derivative products that we current market to a variety of applications.

As part of the GC Group of companies, we now undertake a broader spectrum of activities to drive the innovation growth of GC. Today, we are proud to call ourselves GC Innovation America.

World Class Directors

GC Innovation is governed by a seasoned team of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Member of the Board of Directors, PTT Global Chemical Plc.

Anon’s career started at the Department of Mineral Resources, Thailand and covers more than 30 years in government service and various roles of responsibility with PTT Group including pipeline construction, gas compression, system analysis, natural gas marketing and transmission, natural gas supply and trading, corporate strategy and business development, Exploration & Production Business and Petrochemical Business.

He is currently the Chairman, PTT Chemical International (Asia Pacific ROH) Limited and a member of the Board of Directors PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited.

Anon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from Chulalongkorn University, an MBA from Thammasart University, an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Public Administration from Bangkokthonburi University and certificates in “Project Investment Appraisal and Management" and “Global Leadership" from Harvard University.

Chief Operating Officer – Upstream Petrochemical Business,
PTT Global Chemical Plc.

Dr. Kongkrapan has more than 20 years of experience in the global petrochemical and chemical arenas. His areas of expertise include overseeing corporate strategy, business development, major project development, international M&A, R&D, and corporate finance & investor relations divisions.He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Upstream Petrochemical Business at PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) and a member of the Board of Directors in several companies under GC’s umbrella, such as Thai Tank Terminal Limited in Thailand, PTT Chemical International Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, Emery Oleochemicals Group in Malaysia, Vencorex Holding in France, NatureWorks LLC, GC Ventures Corporation, PTTGC America, and PTTGC USA in USA.

Moreover, Dr. Kongkrapan has been working with GC throughout his career, holding various senior positions including Executive Vice President of International Business Operations, Senior Vice President overseeing Performance Products Business Unit and Corporate Business Development, CEO of Emery Oleochemicals Group, Chairman of the board for a number of GC’s subsidiaries (TOC Glycol and Thai Ethanolamines), and President and Board Member of Thai Oleochemicals.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from Chulalongkorn University and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Houston University, Texas.

Senior Vice President – Science & Innovation, PTT Global Chemical Plc.

Dr.Chaya Chandavasu is currently Senior Vice President of Science & Innovation at PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC), one of the leading and largest chemical companies in Asia, and a member of the Board of Directors in several companies under GC’s umbrella, such as Solution Creation Company Limited in Thailand, GC Ventures Company Limited, GC Ventures America Corporation. He is responsible for company’s innovation strategy, new project development and scouting / assessing new emerging technologies to create long-term competitive advantages as well as overseeing GC’s Science & Innovation Center. With more than 20 year of experience in the global oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industry, his experience includes technology & engineering, marketing & sales and research & development.

Dr. Chaya has a Bachelor of Chemistry (First Class Honors) from Mahidol University, Thailand and Master and Ph.D. of Chemical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA.

Vice President – Corporate Finance Policies and Investor Relations,
Member of the Board of Directors, PTT Global Chemical Plc.
Thitipong Jurapornsiridee is the Director of Bio Spectrum Co, Ltd. and Vice President Corporate Finance Policies and Investor Relations for PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited. He has extensive experience in financial strategies, fund raising and investor relations for the olefins and petrochemical industries.

Experienced Leadership Team

President and CEO

Andy joined GC Innovation America in 2019 from PTT Global Chemical. He has over 20 years of experience in the chemical and energy industry with significant part of his career devoted to executing investment projects, which included joint ventures in Asia Pacific and business acquisitions in the US and Europe. In addition to leading investment execution, Andy also held executive roles in portfolio management, corporate strategy and business planning.

Andy holds a MS in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkeley and MS in Industrial Administration (MBA) from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.

Head of Innovation & New Business Development

Tina joined GCIA in 2009 and currently leads the technology scouting, CVC deal sourcing and new business development, and open innovation efforts for GC Group in North America. She has previously served in various roles at GCIA, including technology transfer & scale-up, application development, and business development.

Prior to joining GCIA, Tina was at Eastman Chemical’s Corporate Research Division in a Strategic Process Innovation and Evaluation group specializing in evaluating and developing new technologies.Tina has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and a Certificate in Management of Technology from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Corporate Controller

Eric has served as our Corporate Controller since July 2011, and previously held the position of Director of Financial Reporting at GCIA since July 2008. Eric has over 30 years of experience in corporate accounting and financial management including serving in management roles in two NYSE listed companies.
Eric is a Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of New Hampshire.

Senior Director – Human Resources

Doreen has over 25 years designing and leading human resource and immigration programs for both start-up and mature organizations. Mindful of aligning the needs of both the organization and employees, she serves as an insightful change agent and transformational leader who embodies a passion to be of service to others.

Doreen served as the Director of Human Resources for 17 years at the Immune Disease Institute (IDI). After leading the transition of IDI’s human resources department into Boston Children’s Hospital, Doreen joined GCIA in 2014. She has since provided strategic operational support for GCIA’s corporate office, research & development department and start-up of our demonstration facility in Lake Providence, LA. She continues to lead GCIA through strategic human resource planning to develop and drive organizational effectiveness and support the company on all major initiatives as it looks toward the future.

Doreen holds a B.S. in Speech Communication, from Northeastern University located in Boston, Massachusetts